Tuesday, June 15, 2010

154/365 The Scamp

154/365 The Scamp
I guess it's a 1972 muscle car, someone thinks it cool, my brother. He bought it and is working on it, I didn't know he knew anything about cars at all, maybe in his next career he can be a mechanic. It is kind of a cool car but it smells like the carpool I was in from the 70's and really when you bring back those kind of memories to a person who was always desperately car sick, no good can come from it !!!

It's a glittery silver color with rhinestones on the steering wheel and some of the buttons inside. It has a great sound system, so my brother tells me, and it is really kind of cool. I wonder what kind of old car I would like? I'll get back with that.

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  1. Um. yeah. the kind of thing that only a certain group of people will appreciate, I imagine...I'm afraid I'm not really one of them... But, cool shots you got! ;D



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