Monday, June 28, 2010

172/365 Fountain

172/365 Fountain

Out for a Sunday stroll, or drive, I thought we would check out this very popular fountain near where we live. So the kids thought it was great. We opened the car doors and off they ran to check it all out. It was hot out and like a good mother I didn't let them actually get in the fountain and I'm glad I didn't.
When it was time to go we piled back in the car, Rob and I then began to smell this smell.
I realized it was the kids and with what little water they had gotten on them they smelled like the sewer !!! EWWWWW I don't think we will visit this fountain again anytime soon. 
But it is pretty !

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  1. That's so pretty! I actually saw one exactly like it a couple of weeks ago, as I was passing by gardening centre on my way to IKEA. I was really tempted to stop, but opted out since I was running late to meet a friend...should've stopped for a cool photo op, though!



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