Saturday, June 26, 2010

170/365 Mr. Funk

170/365 Mr. Funk
This is the character Mr. Funk that The Rhino created. He has been a reoccurring person who visits, makes alot of noise and a big mess. I LOVE HIM.
The Little Man though has a bread problem saying Mr. Funk and so instead says what sounds exactly like Mr. Fu@ky. You get the problem right. So Little Man is in the backseat just talking away and all of a sudden he starts saying Mr. F@cky, which means Mr. Funky. It threw everyone for a loop until I finally figured out what he was saying. All I know now is that I would hate to actually give him the real word or let him know he's saying something a little questionable, he would use that to his advantage.

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  1. haha!! Hilarious post :D Gotta love those pron difficulties...



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