Sunday, June 13, 2010

152/365 Signs Of Summer

152/365 Signs Of Summer
I heard on the radio yesterday that it's not even summer yet, well let me just say REALLY?? 
I think I'm in the midst of my summer, I feel it, I smell it and I sure do hear it, I am full on the mother of 3 kids who ARE OUT OF SCHOOL, and I consider that summer.
I thought every once in a while I would post about things that make me think of summer.

I took the kids to James Coney Island for hotdogs the other day. This feels like something I would only do in the summer when everyone is out of school. I do love me a chili cheese dog though !!!

I was rather excited to see how the kids meal box can still keep The Rhino interested, or maybe it was the free frozen treat coupon on the side that he was looking at.

Oh and the french fries, if only he would eat something else I would be so happy !!!

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  1. What a yummy treat! Never heard of the place, but chilli cheese hotdogs some perfectly delicious :D A wonderful summer moment, in my opinion...



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