Tuesday, June 15, 2010

155/365 Scunt Face

155/365 Scunt Face

I think I'm going to rename Little Man, his new name is Scunt Face. This is what happened on Sunday, don't look if you have a weak stomach.
I have to say that it looks much worse in person and much worse than it actually is. 
Really Little Man took it so well, he was really scared and hurt and very grown up about the whole thing. He just kept saying "can we go home now" and we did. I think his Aunt Iggy, she was watching him when this happened, was so much more upset. She came around the corner with him on her hip and her hand in front of his face and she says " Staci we don't need stiches so don't get upset " and my heart just dropped. Anyway things have only gotten worse for her, The Bean, her daughter hyper extended her knee and broke the leg bone the very next day. I'll take a little road rash over that anyday !!!

By the way that is peanut butter on his mouth, he still has an appetite! 


  1. Oh My Goodness! That looks terrible. Poor Tyler. How awful. How did he do that?

  2. Ouch!!! And poor Auntie and her Bean. Hope everyone recovers quickly!



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