Monday, July 5, 2010

179/365 4th of July

179/365 4th of July
I'm a day late in posting this simply because we had such a busy 4th. It was alot of fun but it seems like the time just flew by. This was actually Saturday the 3rd, we celebrated in the neighborhood.  It all started with a bike parade behind a fire engine. My pictures are kind of spotty because everything happened so fast.
This was the group getting ready for the parade, there were lots of people.

One riding in her dads backpack with a giant flag sticking out of the back. 
I love her curls.

This little one enjoyed cooling off in the water balloon water bucket. I loved her outfit, it reminded me so much of one little mama used to wear. I used to buy them all matchy matchy 4th of July outfits because we always went to Chicago for Granos birthday but no more. Maybe next year I'll buy them outfits again.

Oh and popsicles, I'm sure while I wasn't watching they all had a minimum of 4 each. 

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