Wednesday, July 21, 2010

194/365 A trip to the Airport

194/365 A Trip to the Airport

We had to pick up Oma, Opa and Aunt Danielle from the airport the other day and had to wait a few minutes. Luckily I had my camera and we found a few things to do. The Rhino practices his face making skills, this happens to be the ever present "What they get that and I get nothing look". He did re-enact it for me so there is a twinge of a smile. Little Man's expression speaks for itself, unless you ask me what that little person on my shoulder keeps saying which is "lady your going to stunt his growth if you don't occasionally get him a nap".  I just reply "he's big for his age !!!". And Little Mama, what can I say, where would we be without those DS things, well ....

Then came these buys. Obviously they work at the airport but the came through the passenger pickup area pushing this relaxing chair along with the machine that makes it work. It totally cracked me up, look at the green bus in the background that says, it couldn't say anything more appropriate.

I was wondering what a courtesy phone is. Does this phone let you call anywhere or anyone? It is after all in the pickup line so what's it for. Is it just local calls? We listened to a little music, watched a few luggage cars be pushed by and then tried to guess if that stranger blowing his nose was Opa, we figured when he didn't even look our way it probably wasn't him. We might have gotten out of the car to check but they tend to scream at you when you leave your car unattended and I didn't feel like getting screamed at !! Overall it was a great trip to the airport( or hairport according to Little Man).

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  1. Cash calls it Hairport & hairplane. Every time I hear it I see the hair on the wings of the plane- blowing in the wind.



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