Monday, July 12, 2010

185/365 A Full Day !!!

185/365 A Full Day !!!
We had a full day today and it was so much fun !!!
We started the day with some glorious bagels, we all love a good bagel but especially the cream cheese !

Then I had a regular check up and the kids suffered through it with me. Little Mama just wanted to see how hard they would squeeze my arm with the blood pressure cuff, sadistic little girl !!!
Here The Rhino is looking down upon what is to be our next adventure for the day, the light rail train !

Oh my gosh, I felt like an idiot. How confusing for a first timer ! We struggled through !!!

Then we barely had time to wait before our train came. 

We were lucky enough to be right behind the driver so we could see exactly where we were going at all times, almost like we were in the cabin with her !

I just liked this photo of Little Mama's stringy windblown hair, feels like summer.

Then we happened upon these little people mover cars, they were soliciting support to keep these downtown, the kids loved them. I can tell you now Little Mama isn't driving them to school without her seat belt on !!!!

Then we met dad at his office/cubicle for some lunch in the tunnels under Houston.
Here he is trying to keep up with the little monkeys, they are so fast !

After lunch it was time to catch the train back to our car in the medical center. Not a long ride, lucky for them they were pooped. 

But still happy enough to make funny faces on the train ride back !!!

Little Man did ask everyone in the car what their favorite part of the day was, The Rhino said lunch with dad, Little Mama said the train ride and I said the walking around downtown with them. Little Man was to tired to answer his own question so he just snored happily in the backseat !!!

I would chalk this up to a wonderful day that I got to spend with my kids and husband !!!
(OK that sentence doesn't really sound like me but it's somewhat true, it was a great day with my family and I'm glad I did it even though it was 96 out there and there were some very weird and scary people hanging out down there !!!)

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  1. Your kids are just the cutest :D I love the shot with little man in the back, trying to put his seatbelt on. Cuties!!!



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