Monday, July 19, 2010

191/365 How Our Garden Grows

191/365 How Our Garden Grows
Well I should probably title this "how some of our garden grows". Still no evidence of watermelons and we knew the tomatoes were planted to late and then our pumpkins went to heaven, poor little things. Actually we have no idea why the pumpkins didn't make it, I think they got to much water, we had like 2 weeks of rain and I just think it was to much, I know it was for me. 
So here is our okra, we'll probably get enough to just taste it this year. It will have a beautiful flower shortly and I will take a photo.

And after the freak windstorm we had that knocked down all the corn stalks, we propped them back up and here they are. They are doing well, The Rhino searches for those orange assassin bugs every time we look closely at them. They are there keeping off all the bad bugs !

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  1. Great shots of your garden! I'm so not attempting to grow eatible stuff this are so much easier :D



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