Saturday, July 10, 2010

183/365 G's Birthday

183/365 G's Birthday
It's his 8th birthday party and it was so much fun. He had it a pool that I had never been to, it's across town from us, but would love to go back to again soon. 
Here are some photos from the day :

 It wasn't as hard as Aunt Iggy expected to light the candles, unusual for an outside event.

Cute boys !!!

You would think we were at a huge waterpark, no this is a neighborhood pool !!!

Little Mama spent her day going down the water slide !!!

Well there was a little hi-dive action as well. She only went once but she ran up there and without hesitation ran off the end. I remember how scary it was for me when I went off for the first time .

I'm renaming The Rhino, he is now Big Bro, that's what he renamed himself.
He went off the hi-dive several times and each time I could very clearly see the terror on his face. I think there were 5 other boys, all equally terrified, that wanted to keep up with each other and that's why he went. I am so proud of both of them for their bravery and I had such a great time swimming with Little Man.

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  1. wow! looks like TONS of fun. call us the next time you go...



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