Sunday, July 11, 2010

184/365 Grandpa

184/365 Grandpa

After a full day of swimming yesterday I was to tired to really even think about dinner so we picked upi Grandpa and headed out for a burger. I LOVE SOUTHWELLS burgers, to be more specific I love the bacon cheeseburger, I mean who wouldn't. I love all the fixins they put on there. I've never really taken pictures of food with any sort of decency, maybe I should focus on that? hmmmm 
Anyway here is my burger, it was goooood!!!

And here is grandpa being tortured by Little Man, really I have very little sympathy for him, I mean if he has the chance he will bug the you know what out of the kids.

Really I don't have any sympathy because if he has the chance he will try to bug the you know what out of Me too, so really ....
you reap what you sew !(i'm to lazy to look up if that's how you spell this phrase so forgive me if it's wrong )

Your funny Grandpa !!!

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  1. Oh, crikey...that food literally made my belly growl. That looks soooo good!

    (for the record, not that it's important,'s is what you do with needle and thread ;D.)



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