Saturday, July 31, 2010

204/365 Bean

204/365 Bean

I finally found a bean in our garden. I have been waiting and looking for a long time and finally....

They are actually very pretty and about 4 or 5 inches long. It seems like they sprouted overnight !
Now to figure out what to do with them.

Friday, July 30, 2010

203/365 Prints

203/365 Prints

I found this website the other day called Divas and Dreams. It's very interesting and there are some really inspiring photos, Christina has a workshop that you can do starting anytime, so I'm jumping in. I'm hoping it will push me to be as creative as I can with my photography. So this assignment was about prints and how they make you feel. Well I love prints and I would to have them everywhere if I was more organised but that's not happening.

So I found these 2 photos in a random box of old photos and was shocked really. Initially I didn't know who these 2 men were but then my dad called and I told him about the photos. I told him there were 2 men a jug of whiskey and gun in both photos and he said oh yeah that's your grandfather and great uncle. I had several immediate reactions the first was "how did these people survive, I mean back then this was horsing around" my second thought was no wonder crazy runs in our family, my poor children have no chance what so ever !!!
Click here if you would like to see Divas and Dreams, it's very inspiring!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

202/365 Pomegranite

202/365 Pomegranite 

We have a little tree in the backyard, I think they are just ornamental but I could be wrong. My camera was set on the inside light setting but I loved the way they came out, and I love the detail,

This is a weed flower but how sweet is it? 
I also loved the bokeh, I have much experimenting in my future, yeah now to find the time.
All 3 monkeys are keeping me on my toes!

201/365 Old

201/365 Old
This sweet potatoe was donated to me for a photo op. Thanks Oma, I'm glad you grew it at your house not mine. I need no more things that are old and growing at my house. 

The detail, shot with my new detail lens, LOVE IT !!!
Just a little forwarning, you will probably be seeing alot of micro images for a while.
Bear with me I'm in lust with the lens .

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

200/365 Growing !!!

200/365 Growing !!!
This is my nephew, you might remember him from here, when I took his newborn photos.
He is growing so quickly, he's now around 3 months old and very cute. 

I had to do this because Uncle Scott wasn't there to peform his usual torture.
Baby T is looking sure that he just saw Uncle Scott sneak in squeeze and then run out !


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

199/365 The Other Cutest Ever !!!!

199/365 The Other Cutest Ever !!!
Now it's the new babies turn for me to post some of her pictures. She is such a good baby, she never made a peep and was so talkative and engaging !!! I got a little twinge a babyitous !!! So here she is, thanks to her mama and daddy for making such beautiful babies !

So sweet.

I think they should have named her Chatty Cathy, she "talked" the whole time!
She's going to give big sister a run for her money.

Monday, July 26, 2010

198/365 Sunflower, Again

This is a sunflower my friend Janet grew. It is about 8 inches wide and is now drying out in her garden.
Next year we are growing them in our backyard. 
This was my first chance to ever see one this close up, very exciting!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


197/365 Hamming It Up

The Air conditioner in our car went out today. Unacceptable !!!
So we made an emergency trip to the dealership to drop it off, the kids are such troopers, although they wanted to keep the windows up on the freeway. I told them if I showed up at the dealership with baked children in my car they would probably call CPS on me so we kept the windows down !!!

The Rhino is responsible for this picture. He has become such a ham lately, thank heavens drama camp starts tomorrow!

Friday, July 23, 2010

196/365 A Great Lunch

196/365 A Great lunch
Can you hear the silence, I have such fond memories !!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

195/365 The Cutest EVER !!! (that's not mine or related to me )

195/365 The Cutest EVER !!! (that's not mine or related to me)
She is the most strong minded 2 year old I know. She knows her mind and she is so very cute, she reminds me of Little Man !!!

I think the size of her eyes is another reason that I think of Little Man when I look at her.
They are mighty big....

and might round.

I think her parents are in trouble.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

194/365 A trip to the Airport

194/365 A Trip to the Airport

We had to pick up Oma, Opa and Aunt Danielle from the airport the other day and had to wait a few minutes. Luckily I had my camera and we found a few things to do. The Rhino practices his face making skills, this happens to be the ever present "What they get that and I get nothing look". He did re-enact it for me so there is a twinge of a smile. Little Man's expression speaks for itself, unless you ask me what that little person on my shoulder keeps saying which is "lady your going to stunt his growth if you don't occasionally get him a nap".  I just reply "he's big for his age !!!". And Little Mama, what can I say, where would we be without those DS things, well ....

Then came these buys. Obviously they work at the airport but the came through the passenger pickup area pushing this relaxing chair along with the machine that makes it work. It totally cracked me up, look at the green bus in the background that says, it couldn't say anything more appropriate.

I was wondering what a courtesy phone is. Does this phone let you call anywhere or anyone? It is after all in the pickup line so what's it for. Is it just local calls? We listened to a little music, watched a few luggage cars be pushed by and then tried to guess if that stranger blowing his nose was Opa, we figured when he didn't even look our way it probably wasn't him. We might have gotten out of the car to check but they tend to scream at you when you leave your car unattended and I didn't feel like getting screamed at !! Overall it was a great trip to the airport( or hairport according to Little Man).

193/365 Halloween Costume

193/365 Halloween Costume

I think we found The Rhino's Halloween costume in the sunday comics !
He love's Garfield in print, not so much the movie but the books have been his obsession.

Monday, July 19, 2010

192/365 I Wonder

192/365 I Wonder
Sometimes I wonder what she's thinking. This was such a concentrated face I was a little curious.
I know I was thinking WOW she can still wear that get up, I mean she wore it for Halloween about 4 years and 4 sizes ago. Maybe she's in mourning about the fact that it rides up her bottom, who knows.

Maybe she's mourning the hat that long ago got completely crushed by some giant growing smelly foot.

Oh well he doesn't care why she looks this way, frankly he doesn't even notice she's a little bit sad maybe depressed. He just feels like a rock star in his way to short almost to tight fighter pilot's outfit!

191/365 How Our Garden Grows

191/365 How Our Garden Grows
Well I should probably title this "how some of our garden grows". Still no evidence of watermelons and we knew the tomatoes were planted to late and then our pumpkins went to heaven, poor little things. Actually we have no idea why the pumpkins didn't make it, I think they got to much water, we had like 2 weeks of rain and I just think it was to much, I know it was for me. 
So here is our okra, we'll probably get enough to just taste it this year. It will have a beautiful flower shortly and I will take a photo.

And after the freak windstorm we had that knocked down all the corn stalks, we propped them back up and here they are. They are doing well, The Rhino searches for those orange assassin bugs every time we look closely at them. They are there keeping off all the bad bugs !

Sunday, July 18, 2010

190/365 Disguise

190/365 Disguise 
This was the purchase, with his own money I might add, that The Rhino made at the grocery store. The package came with 4 sets of fake noses and glasses, these have been so well worth the $1.29 that he paid for them. It's amazing how at 9 The Rhino is so into dress up, I think he would like to call it more like theater play or something, I still call it dress up. There is always an original character that comes of it these days.

He needs a full length mirror to do all the looking that he does.

And of course Little Mama has to get into the whole thing. The nose part smelled like stinky plastic but they persevered and kept them on till all their nose hairs were burnt and they couldn't smell the nasty smell anymore. They did make me smell it and it smelled a little like B.O.. I digress, it was a fun time had by all and I would recommend the next time your at the store and about to give in to those pleas of getting something, make it something useful like these glasses !!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

189/365 The Greatest Show on Earth

189/365 The Greatest Show on Earth

Yes I braved the crowd and took all 3 kids by myself to the circus. I must admit I had my reservations about taking them all into such a big crowd by myself by I didn't really think about it until last might. So this morning we got up and I made them put on easily spottable shirts, just like all the other people with kids at the circus !!! So they had on tie dye and orange shirts, similar to all the daycares that were there, I cracked up when I saw that. 

Here are is the very traditional circus pose. We were at the wrong angle but I thought they were so great, they did seem kind of happy and they weren't out there very long!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

188/365 Drill

188/365 Drill
Thought this was interesting. 
It's a drill bit used for something in the oil industry.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

187/385 Bones

187/365 Bones

These are some "bones", I think most of them are cast. There are some real ones though and you can tell which ones they are because the real bones have these hooks around them instead of holes drilled in them.

I think this is the skeleton of a Wooly Mammoth. 

It's feet.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

186/365 The Corpse Flower

186/365 The Corpse Flower

It's true, that's really what it's called and it is all the hubbub here in town. This type flower has only bloomed I think 29 times in the US. Anyway it was very interesting to see, they now have the Houston Museum of Natural Science open 24 hours until this thing blooms. They also have a live feed that you can watch. It is rather amazing to see how big this things is. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

185/365 A Full Day !!!

185/365 A Full Day !!!
We had a full day today and it was so much fun !!!
We started the day with some glorious bagels, we all love a good bagel but especially the cream cheese !

Then I had a regular check up and the kids suffered through it with me. Little Mama just wanted to see how hard they would squeeze my arm with the blood pressure cuff, sadistic little girl !!!
Here The Rhino is looking down upon what is to be our next adventure for the day, the light rail train !

Oh my gosh, I felt like an idiot. How confusing for a first timer ! We struggled through !!!

Then we barely had time to wait before our train came. 

We were lucky enough to be right behind the driver so we could see exactly where we were going at all times, almost like we were in the cabin with her !

I just liked this photo of Little Mama's stringy windblown hair, feels like summer.

Then we happened upon these little people mover cars, they were soliciting support to keep these downtown, the kids loved them. I can tell you now Little Mama isn't driving them to school without her seat belt on !!!!

Then we met dad at his office/cubicle for some lunch in the tunnels under Houston.
Here he is trying to keep up with the little monkeys, they are so fast !

After lunch it was time to catch the train back to our car in the medical center. Not a long ride, lucky for them they were pooped. 

But still happy enough to make funny faces on the train ride back !!!

Little Man did ask everyone in the car what their favorite part of the day was, The Rhino said lunch with dad, Little Mama said the train ride and I said the walking around downtown with them. Little Man was to tired to answer his own question so he just snored happily in the backseat !!!

I would chalk this up to a wonderful day that I got to spend with my kids and husband !!!
(OK that sentence doesn't really sound like me but it's somewhat true, it was a great day with my family and I'm glad I did it even though it was 96 out there and there were some very weird and scary people hanging out down there !!!)


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