Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 5 Photo - Gum Please !!! Rotten Apples anyone?

Day 5 Photo
It's an Ode to the Starbucks gods. I love this drink, yes I know it's not good for me but .....
I find it was worth the picture and the $4.17.
It's really great on a hot summer day, we have so many of those in Houston.

Here is little man asking for a piece of gum. Usually I give in to the kids, it's sugar free and they are pretty good about keeping up with the gum. It's just the repetitive asking of the same questions over and over that drive me to the brink of insanity.

Notice in these 2 pictures the nervous neck pulling. First what's up with that and second I know exactly why he is nervous. It doesn't always do a body good to ask repeatedly for something like gum or the tv or the wii or well really anything else over and over and over again. I don't always handle this kind of bombardment very well. Hence the nervous neck pull, he thinks I might not answer the question in an appropriate way? My response could be one of soooo many. Today we all ended up with gum in our mouths which put smiles on all our faces, next time there is no guarantee what mommy will say or how she will say it. My poor kids live on the edge of constant nervous neck pulling !!!

Today on our way to camp The Rhino pulls out an apple that I gave him to put in his bag a while back, you know the one he told me that he ate for a snack. Well it had since gotten a really bad bruise on it, from when he played catch with it before he actually placed it in his bag. Well when he reached in his back to pull it out he accidently stuck his finger in the rotten spot. Let me just preface this by saying that I have been carrying wipes in my bag for 8 years and I use them every few minutes. SO we have a smelly rotten apple in the hands of a fairly intelligent 8 yr old boy who now has rot on his fingers. So instead of asking me for a wipe or telling me he got this rot on his fingers and he needs to wash his hands, he proceeds to wipe it on the seat. Yes wipe it on the seat. And I proceed to blow a gasket. I had no other choice, heavens are you kidding me! So if anyone ever wants to find out what rotten apple smells like I will be inviting them to sit In The Rhinos seat !

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