Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 6 Photo - Lots of Hurts today

This is it, my picture for the day. Honestly I would love to take some pictures outside but 1) it's just sooooo hot and 2) the only time we are outside I am around water and that and my new camera just don't mix. So for todays photo this will have to do.

There were lots of hurt feelings around our house today. The kind not inflicted on each other but feelings inflicted by outsiders on my kids. Now I know they have to get a little thicker skin but that doesn't make my job any easier. Little mama seems to be having some trouble at her camp. Someone keeps calling her "idiot" and apparently she either doesn't really know what this means or she doesn't understand why someone would be calling her this. She asked me twice tonight if I thought she was an idiot, both times she had this completely heartbroken look on her face and little tears coming down. The second time she asked me I teared up and just gave her the most love that I know how. I never thought about other people truly hurting my kids and how tough that was going to be on me.

My first response to her is to tell her to say "I know you are but what am I " and then Big Daddy comes along and tells her about Jesus and how he gave love back to those who persecuted him as well as those who didn't believe in him. That really is the attitude that we should have, one of the utmost love. The reality is that it still hurts and hopefully we can see the reason we must go through these painful things.


  1. Tomorrow (today) will be a new day. The great things about kids is they recover fast! I wonder as well if the child who called her an idiot knows what in the world that means. Hang in there Mom!

  2. She's a tough cookie, she'll recover. You, maybe not as easily. I think Rob hit the nail on the head. It's a shame she has to learn these lessons as such a little person, but the sooner she gets it the better off she'll be in life - praying for you and for her.



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