Monday, August 31, 2009

The Day after my 30 Days of [Blank]

I wasn't sure if the 30 days of [blank] was a commitment that I could keep. I don't consider myself very good at all with commitments, especially ones where I don't have to answer to anyone, but I did it(patting myself on the back).

I did learn a few things along this journey:

1- That my camera, as much as I love it and want to marry it, is really heavy and I don't necessarily want it with me ALL the time. Wait I'm trying to think if I feel any differently about Big Daddy . hmmm
2- That I can stick with it and actually finish something. Maybe I should move out from behind that ADD excuse, or maybe not.
3- That everything is easier when you have a friend to do it with, thanks Terri.
4- I like my pictures better when I am not under pressure to come up with something creative.
5- I need to learn more about taking pictures, both the camera and the composition. Anyone want to teach me?
6- I love taking pictures of my children, nothing makes me happier.
7- Now that I know what 30 Days of [Blank] is like I will do it again soon.

My new challenge to myself will be to cook something new once a week. I'm not sure at this point when that might start but I think it will be challenging for me.

Now back to posting pictures of my kids that I have taken recently :

This was the same trip to the museum of natural science, where the butterflies were. They have a 3D IMAX about the ocean which we opted not to see.

This is Little Mama with some gum hanging out of her mouth, pretty huh!! The child is pretty, I'm not so sure about the wad of gum hanging out.

This was at a family dinner in the last month or so. We had some guests, about 4 but look at everyone, I was amazed when I saw everyone looking at the camera. It's a pretty good spontaneous family photo !


  1. That last photo is really good....I hope you paid the photographer well! =)

  2. I fed her freaking dinner didn't I ?

  3. I love that picture!

    Jesse just told me Gavin and Sam are buds at school now? Too cute.



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