Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Moose Skates

Grandma Betty's moose slippers come out of hiding every once in a while. They are so loved. I'm not sure that she ever actually wore them but I know that she loved them. I remember them sitting on the floor in her bedroom for years just longing to be worn. Well that time is here.

All three of the kids love to practice their skating skills in them. They like to mop up all the loose dog hair with these slippers.

It looks like there is some dog hair or dirt waiting under this chair to be swept up by a floppy eared moose.

The moose "skates" work with or without socks.

Sometimes big sisters need to help little brothers when they first start using the moose "skates". I love this picture.

And then sometimes Little Man just needs to take off and try the moose skates for himself.
Until next time Moose Shoes, we love you !!!

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  1. Great pictures in this Staci - I love the one of Dylan and Ty -



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