Sunday, August 30, 2009

Little Mama Cleans House & Photo 30

Yes, I got unsolicited help today with clean up. Little Mama was very quiet upstairs for about 30 minutes and then all of a sudden I heard what sounded like bombs being dropped left and right. I asked Big Daddy to find out what was going on "hey what's going on up there???" to which Little Mama replied "nothing just putting something in Little Man's closet".

Big Daddy then asked her to come down and help set the table for family dinner, which she did without any fuss. After a minute or 2 she starts talking about the noise up stairs and that we wouldn't be mad and on and on about it being a secret and she couldn't tell us but she could show us. At this point I'm thinking it's going to make me mad what ever it is. So I kind of forced her to show us what she was talking about and to our greatest surprise and pleasure she leads us upstairs to show us how she has cleaned all 3 bedrooms as well as the loft area.

I was speechless !!! It made me think of that song that goes something like "God's not done with me, there is hope for me yet". Then I gave her $5 and she started yelling, kind of like I would do if I won the Powerball !!! It brings tears to my eyes. This is her room and yes she actually sleeps with Big Bear in the bed.

This is Little Mans room, which he hasn't slept in yet but get those little boys in here and they really can rip it up !!!

And this is The Rhinos room, he has at least a million Legos which I have no idea how to organize. Add onto that a million other KNEX things, which I also don't know how to organize and it's like a mine field of pain for shoeless feet.

Photo - 30 The Final Meal
Well the final picture in this 30 Days of Pictures for me. It's the kids table at family dinner tonight, and we are missing one plate and chair. I guess Little Mama didn't know that EVERYONE, of the kids that is, now sit at the little table. It creates quite a mess sometimes and loudness as well. I'll write about the 30 Days of [Blank] in the morning when everyone goes to school for the first time in 3 weeks. Yes !!!
Actually when I look at this picture I think I'm looking at some sort of miniature scene. Weird !


  1. Way to go Little Mama! That's awesome....can she come to my house? I won't complain about the noise, I promise. =)

  2. Terri she could come to your house but then I would have to kill you for taking my one and only help in the housekeeping department !!!



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